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Metamask Wallet Extension | Fortify your defenses | Granular site access controls

Fortify your defenses by leveraging Metamask Wallet Extension granular site access controls. Allow or deny permissions on a per dApp basis to keep your wallet interactions limited.
Metamask Wallet Extension

Granular Site Access Controls

One of the standout features of Metamask is its granular site access controls. This feature allows you to specify which websites can access your Metamask wallet. By default, Metamask prompts you for permission when a dApp requests wallet access. However, you can go even further to enhance security:
  • Block Unknown Sites: You can configure Metamask to automatically block all sites by default and manually whitelist only the sites you trust. This ensures that no malicious websites can access your wallet without your explicit permission.
  • Custom Permissions: Metamask provides you with the ability to customize the level of access each site has. For instance, you can grant some dApps full access to your wallet while others are restricted to view-only mode.
  • Revoke Permissions: If you change your mind or suspect a site's intentions, you can easily revoke its access to your wallet. This puts you in control of your digital assets at all times.
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